My Argument to the ACLU Re: Ten Commandments


When I started this blog, I said that I would occasionally post my opinions whether you wanted them or not. It’s time for the disclaimer. Read the remaining paragraph very fast and in a deep voice: “By choosing to read further, you acknowledge that you are a big boy/girl and will honor and respect the author’s right to an opinion. You hereby distinctly, eminently, and proficiently proclaim that the author has not coerced or forced you to read further. You also acknowledge that if you post a comment in disagreement, the author will immediately remove it leaving only those that mirror the author’s point of view. (Just kidding.) You can post your arguments, but the author asks that you be respectful of all opinions. The author retains all rights to ridicule your argument if it’s really, really stupid. By scrolling further, you give up all rights to claim damages should your opinion change due to the author’s words. You also acknowledge that the author has not placed any magic spells or embedded programs that will force upon you her point of view.”

It’s “Just Plain Common Sense” folks! The Ten Commandments are an excerpt from the best-selling book (fact) in the world. Why can’t they be posted in our public schools?

I’m all for compromise. I’m a firm believer that there are always two sides of a story…and then there is the truth. I don’t believe in black or white, but subscribe to the opinion that there are many shades of gray. So with that said, I don’t understand all the hullabaloo about The Ten Commandments being posted in our public school classrooms or hallways.

Apparently, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia filed a lawsuit a few weeks ago in Roanoke VA against Giles County School Board because Narrows High School has the Ten Commandments on display. Really?

As a Christian, I believe the Bible is a Holy Spirit inspired document and is the word of God handed down to man. But I certainly wouldn’t force that opinion on you, nor do I believe the posting of an excerpt from the best-selling book (fact) in the world does either. I would simply ask you to acknowledge the FACT that it is a historical book and is at least worthy of a consideration of compromise. You (Mr. or Mrs. ACLU Attorney) want none of it posted. I want all of it posted. So let’s do what grown-ups do and see if we can reach a compromise? I say we post half.

Let’s just say, for compromise sake, that we post the excerpt from the best-selling book (fact) in the world that begins in Exodus 20:12 and ends in Exodus 20:17. Our students are asked to memorize excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays, Emily Dickinson poems, and read novels declared as American classics. (What WERE those pigs in Animal Farm trying to say anyway?) How about they be exposed to some “Just Plain Common Sense” from the best-selling book (fact) in the world. It’s apparent the youth of today could use it. Let’s examine them one at a time.

Exodus 20:12 (paraphrased) says be nice to your Mommy and Daddy. What’s the big deal with that Mr. ACLU Attorney? Are you going to argue that children have the right to tell their parents to “eff” off? If you don’t believe this is happening today, I suggest you take your uncompromising little behind down to any public school and sit in the classroom for a little bit. Sit around the lunch table and observe how a majority of kids today talk about their parents, teachers, and other people in authority. Then take your little behind back to court and tell me that the kids of today can’t stand to learn a little “honoring” and respecting.

Exodus 20:13 (paraphrased) says you shouldn’t kill people. So do the laws of the great United States of America and most states, except California where you can do it if you are O.J. Simpson. Take a look at your six P.M. News Mrs. ACLU Attorney. In the same newspaper in which I found the story that prompted this blog, I also read an article that reported on five Memphis juveniles appearing in court in ONE DAY, charged with shooting or stabbing DEATHS. These weren’t five kids that shot and stabbed ONE person. These were five separate individuals charged with five separate incidents of stabbing or shooting DEATHS. Do you understand that Mr. Uncompromising ACLU Attorney? Apparently some of our youth have a little trouble comprehending that they shouldn’t kill people. Maybe if you hadn’t taken the Ten Commandments out of school, one of these five juveniles would have read this suggestion from the best-selling book (fact) in the world at some point during their journey through public school education and reconsidered shooting or stabbing someone to death. If that were the case, then it would have been twenty-percent reduction in the deaths of people.

Exodus 20:14 (paraphrased) says you shouldn’t sleep around. Teen pregnancies have increased exponentially in the years since I graduated from high school. I think that was right around the time your uncompromising little behind began arguing that we didn’t need these Ten Commandments in our public school system. Check out your statistics on sexually transmitted diseases among teens as well. I’d do it for you, but this is what we call “give-and-take” in a compromise situation. I give you a statement and you can take it for fact or Google it yourself!

Exodus 20:15 (paraphrased) says you can’t take stuff that belongs to other people. I’m just not even going to make an argument here because it should be “Just Plain Common Sense”. And the Narrows High School handbook says the same thing, so maybe you should have it thrown out while you’re getting The Ten Commandments removed.

Exodus 20:16 (paraphrased) says don’t tell lies on folks. How would you like it if I went around telling everyone that you are really a she-male, your mother is a hooker, you don’t know who your daddy is, you’re ugly, and your Mama dresses you funny? (My apologies if any of this is true.) I bet you’d use your fancy little law degree to have me in court for slander. And if I posted it every day in my blog, you’d have me in court for libel. See, I ain’t so dumb. I know the difference between the two, but rest assured that an entire generation of youth may not understand that it isn’t nice to say bad things about folks that aren’t true once you remove The Ten Commandments from all public schools.

Exodus 20:17 (paraphrased) says you should be happy with what you have and not worry about what your neighbor has.  Heaven forbid…ooops, sorry for using a Christian term…”Big area above the earth” forbid that we teach our kids to work hard and earn what they desire rather than sitting around waiting for some government program to give it to them.

So that’s my suggestion. How about we only post half of them and we can all be happy? And if you try to tell me that the removal of The Ten Commandments won’t have any impact on our youth disrespecting, murdering, sleeping around, stealing, lying, and being just plain greedy materialistic monsters, then I’m gonna say the placing of them isn’t going to have any impact on their freedom to choose their own religion. Nor is it a conflict between church and state since it’s an excerpt from the best-selling book (fact) in the world. Na-na-boo-boo <sticking my tongue out at you>. It’s “Just Plain Common Sense” in my book.

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7 thoughts on “My Argument to the ACLU Re: Ten Commandments

  1. OK, I am going to be the devil’s advocate and this is what I really believe. Many, many people came to this country for religious freedom and the right to free speech. However, the government may not set a specific religion, we do not have a national religion unlike, say, England which is the Anglican Church. If the Ten Commandments are posted in governmental/public buildings, such as schools or court houses, it is akin to declaring a ‘state’ religion which is not allowed in the Constitution. This allows people of all religions who come to this country know that – at least legally – they are not going to be forced to follow a religion that is not their own.
    Perhaps this does not seem like a big deal today but back at the time of the writing of the constitution being the wrong religion in the wrong area could get you killed. Quite frankly, there are still places in the world today that does not allow freedom of religion but people can in our country.
    That is why the commandments should not be posted – to retain the rights of all religions to exist in our country.

  2. And just where can we send this so that Mr. ACLU Attorney can read it?? and the judges?? and the senators?? etc??? all the way to the president?? GOOD JOB, MBB!!! Me thinks I did teach you a “thing or two” in college!! LOL!!

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