Imperfect Moms–Rise Up and Be Heard!


It’s almost the one year anniversary of my blog.  I know, you’re amazed that I still have living crumb snatchers to write about.  That’s because I’m a saint…and because I changed denominations from Baptist to Episcopalian and now I can have wine without the side of guilt.

Wine exiting a blue bottle.

Wine exiting a blue bottle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All this time, I thought I was the only blogger mom willing to risk a visit from social services to “tell it like it is” but I have discovered there are more of us.  I’m part of an undergroud network of two–myself included–but we’re hoping to grow.  I’m sending out a call to other imperfect mothers who forget to pick up their children from school on occassion, don’t cut the crust from sandwiches, and scribble “have-a-wonderful-day-sweetie-pea” notes on the back of the Wal-mart receipt for toilet paper they had to run out and get at midnight while their husband waited on his throne.  Sorry Chief Money Maker!

Together we can unite and take over the PTA’s, the Junior League’s, and the Den Mothers of America Association’s…or we can all gather at Chili’s for 2-for-1 margaritas and half price appetizers while we leave the kids at home with a chore list.  Yeah, that’s more like it.

Enjoy this post from a real live, living and breathing, regular mom that may also wonder, like me–If I’d drowned them at birth, would I be out of prison by now?

Cathy Cantu — 5 Minutes for the Frazzled Mom

© 2012 CThacker


8 thoughts on “Imperfect Moms–Rise Up and Be Heard!

  1. I always say stay out of police beat, get good grades, and be a good citizen. Now pass me a beer before I whack you upside the head.

    • That’s definitely us. Webster just contacted us for a family photo to put under their definition of “abnormal” in their upcoming revised edition. I hear rumor it will also include the word “shellacking” which is a phrase coined by Chief Money Maker to define his pool relaxation. I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

  2. You actually ran out at midnight for toilet paper? Did you not have tissues? How about notebook paper? Receipts? Heck, I’m sure the old tax returns would even suffice! I would suggest grass, but I think all yours got replaced by concrete when your new pool was installed! You are making a move to the dark side with ‘THOSE’ moms and soon are going to be baking the cookies to take with you to the PTA meetings!

    I say Chili’s is needed STAT, and like me, you need to make sure you forget to turn your cell phone on. That way, when one of the kids miss the bus home from school next week, they can walk the 10.5 miles home next to gator infested canals. (Oh yes I did!)

  3. So true…I often say the evil words “NO” to my “Princess” and get the sad eyes. Those eyes don’t effect me what-so-ever anymore!! I’m a rock!!!
    And I’ll meet you at Chili’s…

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