HEADLINE: Humor Blogger Goes Rogue and Gets Serious–Video at Nine


Attention Blog Readers

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog program for this serious announcement.  

No, the presidential candidates did NOT suddenly stop their mud-slinging. Get real. Yes, yes, Lindsay Lohan DID get in trouble again with the law but that’s nothing new.

Stop guessing. I’m trying to be serious here. Okay, NOW stop laughing. I really AM trying to be serious.

Yes, I am aware that I’m a humor columnist. What’s that you ask? Yes, I understand that all my blogs were tagged in the humor category. That doesn’t mean I can’t be serious sometimes. Don’t pigeon-hole me. No, really…don’t. I don’t like it. Birds have disgusting habits. You know, eating the worms and all.

Yes, I WILL get back to the announcement.

My short story–“The Butterfly Wish”–is published in Mused-BellaOnline Literary review.

 “The Butterfly Wish” is a modern day story of star-crossed lovers.  Set in East Texas, Angel and John announce they want to marry.  Can their families move beyond the tragic past that’s linked them together for over 170 years?  Or have the roots of prejudice and hatred grown too deep? 

I would be honored if you would take a few moments to read my first published short story. I would be further honored if you would share your thoughts below.

Click here to go directly to “The Butterfly Wish”

I love the perks of publication.  This was the scene on my kitchen counter when I woke up this morning.  Chief even used my special “Cherry” coffee cup.  Now I’m going to sit back and read the Fall edition of Mused. 

Perks of the Published. Waking to find the paper retrieved and coffee ready to brew!

© 2012 CThacker


7 thoughts on “HEADLINE: Humor Blogger Goes Rogue and Gets Serious–Video at Nine

  1. Nicely Done Cheri, truly a beauty from ashes story I don’t want to say much more but I hope all your followers read it. Congratulations on being published 🙂

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