Bowls the Cat Now Has a Blog

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Greetings audience of readers of mediocre writing and the occasional chuckle–if one were pressed–that my Female Human Captor likes to call a “blog.”

My name is Bowls the Cat.  My human captors insist upon calling me by the last name of that widely-foreheaded quarterback that hailed from the Giant Pumpkin University, or what other idiotic beings refer to as The University of Tennessee.

I didn’t like that name so I changed it to Bowls.  I like bowls.  They come in different sizes, textures, depths, colors…but I digress.

After a convincing takeover of this blog-by alternately pouncing onto the desk, landing on top of the keyboard then pouncing on my Female Human Captor’s hairier-than-mine-legs–rendering the blog totally mine to do with as I wish, I have mercifully decided to allow my Female Human Captor to share this blog with me.

I will post at my whim.  She may post all other times.

In the meantime, I must insist that she regale me with a little Norah Jones and a nice glass of chardonnay…

Watch how smooth I am……..

© 2012 CThacker




One thought on “Bowls the Cat Now Has a Blog

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