The Spotlight’s on You! Vol 1:2


As part of “2013 Means Bigger Better Things”, I promised to showcase a blog posting from one of the previous week’s new subscribers, or someone who left a comment on my blog.  Subscribe to my blog, or stop back by and comment on new blog postings, and one of your blog posts could be featured next week!


The blog I chose for this week was posted by Cathy Cantu over at “5 Minutes for the Frazzled Mom.”   She dropped by and commented on a couple of my blog postings and is also a subscriber.

The post I chose caught my eye because Cathy can peg us women in a way I’ve yet to see anyone else come close.  Her post “Solving World Problems One Riblet Basket At a Time” pokes some fun at the differences between men and women when it comes to socializing.

By Cathy Cantu

“Studies show men talk to each other about four subjects: work, women, sports, and caulk….

If you just laughed, go on over and check out the rest of her post.

Thanks Cathy!


2 thoughts on “The Spotlight’s on You! Vol 1:2

  1. I went over and visited Cathy’s post — which was very funny. Sadly the tech gods didn’t want me to post my comment on her blogpost site. 😦

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