The Spotlight’s on You! Vol 1:3


As part of “2013 Means Bigger Better Things”, I promised to showcase a blog posting from one reader every week.  Here’s how YOU can be featured:

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The blog I chose for this week was posted by Elyse over at FiftyFourAndAHalf.  She drops by often and comments regularly and I TOTALLY didn’t realize she’d just had a birthday, which makes her blog name a total farce.

Happy Belated Birthday Elyse!

By Elyse:

Before 1986 there were two things in life I was certain about.  Things I never got wrong on a pop quiz.  Things that I could recite in my sleep.

First my name.  Elyse Ellen E….

When I got married I didn’t have to change my name.  That was until the woman I worked for at the time announced that I absolutely could not change my name.  So naturally the decision was made and I changed it.  Continue reading



3 thoughts on “The Spotlight’s on You! Vol 1:3

  1. Why thank you, Mama. What a nice honor. And that is the way I will take it in spite of the fun you had at my expense. Imagine making fun of my blog’s name. Just because it is stupid and was obsolete in 2 posts.

  2. Done, done, and done. Actually, I left a comment on one of your posts and I guess you thought I was a creepy stalker spammer, because it was deleted. Guilty as charged (except the spammer part). By the way, I really like the hibiscus in your front garden. Just sayin’.

    • Thanks Karla. I’m sorry I missed your comment…or deleted it. Yes, I think you’re a crazy stalker person…over at Skirt! and LinkedIn. But I live with teenagers. Stalkers don’t scare me! And thanks for identifying the plant in my front garden. I just thought it was a really large weed!

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