The Spotlight’s On You! Vol 1:6


As part of “2013 Means Bigger Better Things”, I promised to showcase a blog posting from one reader every week.  Here’s how YOU can be featured:

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The blog I chose for this week was posted by Ben over at Ben’s Bitter Blog where the tag line reads “we make bitter better.”   Ben followed my blog, probably because he’s bitter about how famous and popular my blog is.  But we are tolerant over here at Crumbsnatcher Tales and we accept all races of people, including the bitter.

The blog I chose is titled “I am an Idiot Bitterness.”   I was drawn to the title because 1) I’m married–which is only relevant on those occasions  I’m bitter because I’m no longer single and 2) because I’m a parent–which is only relevant on those occasions I’m bitter because I’m no longer childless.

I am an Idiot Bitterness

by Ben

Some people are good at acting or singing or making art or accounting.  I respect those people for being good at those things.  Except for the accountant.  Why would you want to be good at numbers?  So boorrrinng.  The art of creativity is awesome and people should be appreciated for their art whatever that may be(except you accounting, you aren’t creative).  I am good at a few things.  Being bitter comes to mind, writing, I think I’m pretty good at (except for grammar and words and punctuation.  I know some words, but the dictionary still hides a few…million that I don’t know.)

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Please check back tomorrow when Chief Money Maker responds to my Post Valentine’s Day Analysis.


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